The New Citizenship, (21 September 1920) Knoxville, Tennessee

“The New Citizenship” delivered September 21, 1920, Burn, Harry T. (1885-1977)

This copy-text was printed in the Knoxville Sentinel on September 22, 1920, the day after the delivered speech. A clipping containing the article was found on page twelve of Lizzie Crozier French’s suffrage scrapbook, which is held by the Calvin M. McClung Historical Collection in Knoxville, Tennessee. An image of the scrapbook page can be seen here. There is no copy of a speech text or speech notes in any of Harry Burns papers.

As reported, Rep. Burn’s remarks were contained within double quotations. We have removed those, and have replaced single quotation marks with double quotation marks to delineate where the article suggests that Sen. Burn is quoting. While removing the journalist’s brief descriptions and commentary, we have retained the paragraph structure and punctuation that the journalist gave to Sen. Burn’s remarks.

The text presented here has been transcribed from the scrapbook article, checked against a microfilm copy of that day’s Knoxville Sentinel, and proofread for accuracy. In order, we have fixed several typos when the fix was obvious so that the speech is more readable. The number corresponds to the speech paragraph in which the error occurred:

4: “entirec itizenship” became “entire citizenship”
6: “I ampleased” became “I am pleased”
6: “the Volunteer States” became “the Volunteer State”
10: “ aturally” became “Naturally”
11: “each sinstance” became “each instance”
12: “power it this great nation” became “power in this great nation”

Paragraph numbers were added in brackets.