The Red Man’s Greeting, (1893) Chicago, IL

“The Red Man’s Greeting” delivered in 1893, Pokagon, Simon (1830-1899)

The text presented here has been transcribed from the images of The Red Man’s Greeting booklet, printed on white birch and located at the Wolfsonian at Florida International University, Miami Beach, Florida.

The booklet was published by C. H. Eagle and is located in Hartford, Michigan. It was published in 1893.

The booklet is based off of the speech given by Pokagon at the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition (World’s Fair). The speech was originally titled “The Red Man’s Rebuke,” but was changed to The Red Man’s Greeting for the booklet form.

The following lines were printed in the opening of the booklet:

“Shall not one line lament our forest race,
For you struck out from the wild creation’s face?
Freedom—the selfsane freedom you adore,
Bade us defend our violated shore.”

All grammatical choices have been left as made by the author in the Wolfsonian Florida International University archival images. Where it is clear typographical errors have been made, these have been corrected for ease of reading. Paragraph numbers have been added in brackets. The transcript has been proofread for accuracy.