Speech Before the Southern Exposition of Louisville, (14 October 1884) Louisville, KY

“Mrs. Lockwood’s Speech” delivered October 15, 1884, Lockwood, Belva A. (1830-1917)

This copy-text was printed in an article titled, “An Honored Guest: The Exposition Management Entertain Mrs. Belva A. Lockwood,” in the Louisville Courier Journal on October 15, 1884, the day after the delivered speech. The article was located through the New York Public Library’s ProQuest Historical Newspapers database.

As reported, the journalist included a description of the Exposition and a transcription of Colonel S. Toney’s introductory speech. While removing the journalist’s descriptions of the event and Toney’s introduction, we have retained the paragraph structure and punctuation that the journalist gave to Lockwood’s remarks.

The text presented here has been transcribed from the Journal article and proofread for accuracy. For ease of readability, we have fixed several errors that appear to be obvious typos. Paragraph numbers have been added in brackets. The number corresponds to the speech paragraph in which the error occurred:

8: “tuuneled” became “tunneled”

24: “ravoled” became “raveled”

24: “workship” became “workshop”

36: “donee” became “done”