The Problems, Programs, and Trends Affecting Senior Citizens, (23 June 1961) Washington, D.C.

“The Problems, Programs, and Trends Affecting Senior Citizens,” June 23, 1961, Randall, Ollie A. (1890-1984)

Randall, Ollie A. Ollie A. Randall Papers, Box 30, Folder 329, “Catholic University 1961 Speech.” Social Welfare History Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries’ Department of Archives and Special Collections. Elmer L. Andersen Library. South Minneapolis, MN.

The text of Ollie A. Randall’s 1961 speech was recovered from the Ollie A. Randall Papers at the University of Minnesota Libraries’ Department of Archives and Special Collections. Her papers are part of the Social Welfare History Archives. Randall delivered the speech at the Workshop on Knowledge for the Practice of Public Health Nursing, June 16-27, 1961 at the Catholic University of America in Washington D.C.

There are no audio or video recordings of the address, but the typed transcript was preserved in the Ollie A. Randall papers. After working with archivists at the special collections in the University of Minnesota Libraries and The Catholic University Archives in Washington D.C., we concluded that this speech text is authentic and the only copy available.

This typed manuscript does not have handwritten omissions or edits, but it does contain numerous typographical errors. At times, there were multiple spaces between sentences which have been removed to make the text more readable. However, we have maintained grammatical discrepancies from the text such as the different lengths of the hyphens and placing the period outside the quotation marks (i.e. “aged”). In the original copy and in this edit, periods were used at the end of some section titles, but not others. The section headings in Randall’s speech are retained from the original text. Underlined words have been retained as they were underlined in the original text. This transcript has been proofread for accuracy. Paragraph numbers were added in brackets.

We have fixed several typos when the fix was obvious so that the speech is more readable. Numbers correspond to the speech paragraph in which the error occurred:

1: “populationstrends” became “population trends”
2: “old r” became “older”
2: ‘“over-65’group” became ‘“over-65’ group”
3: “H opefully” became “Hopefully”
4: “migran ts” became “migrants”
5: “H e” became “He”
5: “fasion” became “fashion”
5: “individualise” became “individualize”
5: The second “if” was removed in “if if elderly patients”
8: The second “social” was removed in “visiting social social workers”
8:  Spacing was fixed in “back- to-  the-home”
9: “conditiojs” became “conditions”
9: “care,but” became “care, but”
10: “weill” became “will”
10: The “if” in “homes if for physical accommodations” became “is”
10: The word “be” was added in brackets for clarity
11: “chang” became “change”
11: “a d” became “and”
12: “hatever” became “Whatever”
12: “personalises” became “personalizes”
14: “oldage” became “old age”
15: “nu ses” became “nurses”
15: “Serentiy” became “Serenity”
15: “ill” became “will”