The Garrison Dam Agreement Signing, (21 May 1948) Fort Berthold, ND

“The Garrison Dam Agreement Signing” delivered May 21, 1948,
Gillette, George (1902-1985)

“960 Indians Sell Out to U.S. for 5 Millions,” Washington Post, May 21, 1948, 1. (=A)
“3 Dakota Tribes Sign Away Best Land for a Dam: Get $5,105,000; Not Enough,” Chicago Daily Tribune, May 21, 1948, 13. (=B)
While the original publication of the speech is undetermined, it has been reproduced in part by several historical publications including the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune. Several paragraphs of the address cited in scholarly research attribute the reproduction of the text to the Washington Post.
The text presented here has been transcribed from and checked against these sources. Paragraph numbers have been added in brackets and the transcript has been proofread for accuracy.