Forge Negro-Labor and Unity for Peace, (10 June 1950) Chicago, IL

“Forge Negro-Labor and Unity for Peace” delivered June 10, 1950,
Robeson, Paul (1898-1976)

Robeson, Paul. Record Group 9: Department of Civil Rights, Series 1: Boris Shishkin subject Files, 1943-1965, Box 2, Folder 26: Race Relations: Statements and Speeches, 1947-1952, The George Meany Memorial Archives, University of Maryland, College Park, MD.

This copy-text was printed as a pamphlet published by the Harlem Trade Union Council in August 1950. The speech was originally delivered during the National Labor Conference for Negro Rights in Chicago on June 10, 1950. The text presented here has been transcribed from the pamphlet and proofread for accuracy. I have retained the paragraph structure, punctuation, italics, and headings that the pamphlet gave to Robeson’s remarks. I have fixed a typo when the fix was obvious so that the speech is more readable. Paragraph numbers were added in brackets. The number corresponds to the speech paragraph in which the error occurred:

42: “pass” became “past”