Address to the British Ambassador, (5 March 1856) Istanbul, Ottoman Empire

“Address to the British Ambassador” delivered March 5, 1856, Schauffler, William Gottlieb (1798-1883).

William G. Schauffler, “Address to the British Ambassador,” in The Missionary Herald: Containing the Proceedings of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions. With a View of Other Benevolent Operations. For the Year 1856., Vol. 52 (Boston, MA: Press of T.R. Marvin, 1856), 184-185. (=A).

The text of Schauffler’s speech was found in the 1856 edition of The Missionary Herald. There are no other known copytexts. The speech (=A) was transcribed as it appears in The Missionary Herald. An eBook version of The Missionary Herald was made available on August 4, 2009, through the University of California. It can be accessed at: Spelling, grammar, and paragraph structure have been preserved from the original.

Full name and identity of the British ambassador to the Ottoman Empire does not appear in the original publication.

Paragraph numbers were added in brackets. The transcript has been proofread for accuracy.