Speech at Angela Davis Rally, (Undated) Unknown Location

“Paula Crenshaw Speaking at an Angela Davis Rally,” date of delivery unknown, Crenshaw, Paula (dates of birth and death are unknown).

National Federation of Community Broadcasters (NFCB) Records, Series 8, Audio Materials 1975-1986, Identifier: http://hdl.handle.net/1903.1/1596, Special Collections and University Archives, University of Maryland Libraries, College Park, MD, https://digital.lib.umd.edu/resultsnew/id/umd:725729?query=speech (=A).

The audio file of the speech was recovered and transcribed by Skye de Saint Felix. Skye worked with Laura Schnitker, curator for the Mass Media & Culture repository of the Special Collections and University Archives at University of Maryland, but the two found little information about Crenshaw. We do not know the city or state of where this speech was given, but we do know that it was at a rally for freeing Angela Davis. There does not appear to be a video recording of this speech or other known copy text. We were granted copyright permissions to post this speech from the Special Collections and University Archives at University of Maryland.

The copy text has been thoroughly checked for accuracy and proofread by Skye de Saint Felix and Anna Mason.

This transcription remains faithful to Crenshaw’s words on the audio reel with the exception of frequent and vocal fillers. When clearly used as a verbal filler, “um,” “uh,” “you know,” and “I mean, like” have been removed from this transcript for clarity and ease of reading. The times when Crenshaw repeated a word or digressed mid-thought are denoted by a double hyphen (–). “Black” was capitalized to show support for Black lives and struggles for their liberation. Punctuation and paragraphing have been chosen based on the editor’s discretion, attempting to keep the speaker’s style and speech organization in mind. Minor grammatical errors were not fixed in order to preserve Crenshaw’s voice. Paragraph numbers were added in brackets.