Respecting Choice: Genital Surgery as an Option, (15 June 1995) Houston, TX

“Respecting Choice Forum, Fourth International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy (ICTLEP)” delivered June 15, 1995, Rothblatt, Martine (1954-present)

The text of Martine Rothblatt’s June 15, 1995 speech (=A) at the Respecting Choice Forum of the fourth annual ICTLEP was recovered in the International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy: Annual Proceedings and Newsletters collection in the Digital Transgender Archives. The text of the speech is located on pages 8-12 of the transcript from the panel of speeches. The fourth annual ICTLEP conference was titled, “Respecting Choice Forum. The speech was delivered on Thursday, 15 June, 1995” and can be found in the Digital Transgender Archive at the following link:

We know of no other transcripts of this speech or audio or video recordings.

This copy-text has been proofread for accuracy. We have retained the original document’s paragraph structure, punctuation, and capitalization. Paragraph numbers were added in brackets. We corrected a few typing errors in order to make the speech more readable. The number corresponds to the paragraph where corrections were made:

12: The comma was removed in “I found out that, I was still able to support my family”

13: “lead” became “led”

18: “fem to fem” became “femme to femme”

20: “face” became “facet”