Speech to Naval Academy, (4 May 1972) Annapolis, MD

“Speech to Naval Academy” delivered May 4, 1972, Steinem, Gloria (1934-), Pitman Hughes, Dorothy (1938-)

Steinem, Gloria, and Pitman Hughes, Dorothy. May 12, 1972. “Speech to Naval Academy.” [Audio Recording] United States Naval Academy. Annapolis, MD. (=A)

Steinem, Gloria. Gloria Steinem Papers, 1940 2000, [Box 100], “U.S. Naval Academy, Forrestal Lecture Series.” Sophia Smith Special Collection Archives, Smith College. Northampton, MA. (=B)

The copy-text (=A) is a transcribed version from the original cassette audio recording of Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes to the USNA midshipmen on May 12, 1972. The original recording was located at the archives of the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland with the help of archivist, Adam Minakowski. The original cassette recording was digitized to an mp3 audio format. Alyson Farzad-Phillips and Skye de Saint Felix created a written transcript from the audio file. This audio file was also used in 2002, as part of a journal article written by Michael Gelfand in the International Journal of Naval History. In this article, short quotes from the live recording are included, but no full transcript or copy text. To our knowledge, there is no complete transcript available in any other published literature.

As previously mentioned, there exists a copy of Steinem’s manuscript (=B) in the Sophia Smith Special Collection Archives at Smith College. This manuscript was found in Box 100 with the help of the special collections archivist, Amy Hague. The original manuscript only includes Steinem’s segment of the two-part speaking appearance, excluding Dorothy Pitman Hughes’s participation. It is a typed manuscript and includes handwritten additions, omissions, and edits. These comments were presumably done by Steinem herself. The copyright of the manuscript was given to Dr. Kathleen Jamieson in 1977 for an addition to her book: A Critical Anthology of Public Address; however, no evidence exists that such book was published, and her copyright permission expired in 1987. There are no published versions of this manuscript elsewhere.
For the official copy-text, I have chosen to use the transcribed texts for both orators from the original cassette tape (=A). The cassette tape is the only version that offers the two-part speech by both women, complete with audience reactions.
The copy-text presented here has been transcribed from the digitized recording and checked against the Smith Archives copy of Steinem’s manuscript for spelling and accuracy. All paragraphing, capitalization, spelling, and punctuation are made based on the editors’ discretion with attention to the speakers’ style and speech organization.

The text does not depart from the copy-text or general editorial principles. The text of this edition has been thoroughly checked and proofread. Paragraph numbers have been added in brackets.