Speech by Samuel Gompers on World War I, (16 January 1918) New York, NY

A manuscript version of this speech is found at the Library of Congress, entitled “Labor Service to Freedom.” Gompers, Samuel, “Labor’s Service to Freedom,” Nation’s Forum Collection (Library of Congress), and A.F.R. Lawrence Collection (Library of Congress), Library of Congress Control Number 2004650672, New York: Nation’s Forum, January 16, 1918. https://www.loc.gov/item/2004650672/.(=B)

The text presented in this unit has been closely transcribed from the audio recording (=A).

The paragraph structure is retained from the Library of Congress manuscript (=B) and paragraph numbers were added in brackets.

The audio file is inaudible at timestamp 1:52 of the audio used for the copy-text (A). The wording of the transcript from the Library of Congress (=B) was used to fill in the inaudible portion of the copy-text. The words taken from (=B) are identified below. The number corresponds to the speech paragraph where we made the edit:

3: “the mills, the shops” B: inaudible A

This transcript has been proofread for accuracy.