Boston Marathon Bombing, (17 April 2013) Washington, D.C.

“Boston Marathon Bombing” delivered April 17, 2013, Warren, Elizabeth (1949-)

The copy-text is the video recording of Senator Warren’s speech from the Senate Floor Proceedings on April 17, 2013, in Washington, D.C.:
Senator Warren begins her speech around 5:02:25. (=A)

A manuscript version of this speech is found in the Congressional Record of the U.S. Congress. See: Warren, Elizabeth. “Boston Marathon Bombing,” Congressional Record, 113th Congress, 1st sess., Volume 159, Number 52, from April 17, 2013,, S2728-S2729. (=B)

The text presented in this unit has been closely transcribed from the video recording (=A).

The paragraph structure is retained from the Congressional Record (=B) and paragraph numbers were added in brackets.

The following capitalizations were retained from the Congressional Record manuscript (B): Nation
[paragraphs 1 and 20], Earth [4], and Governor [21].  We added a small number of commas when Warren
paused in the video to make the transcript easier to follow.

We also made the following edits to the copy-text (A) based on the wording of the transcript posted in the Congressional Record (B). The number corresponds to the speech paragraph where we made the edits:

9: “who grew up in Medford” B: “grew up in Medford” A

9: “and never missed the marathon” B: “never missed the marathon” A

17: “guards” B: “guard” A

This transcript has been proofread for accuracy.