Women’s Liberation, (23 February 1972) Cleveland, Ohio

“Women’s Liberation” delivered February 23, 1972, Steinem, Gloria (1934-), Pitman Hughes, Dorothy (1938-)

The copy text is a written transcription, completed by Alyson Farzad-Phillips and Skye de Saint Felix, of the original reel-to-reel audio tape located in the archives of Cleveland State University (CSU). There was no video recording or written record of the speech with a precise transcription prior to this copy text. The CSU archives had received no inquiries regarding the “Women’s Liberation” speaking appearance since 1974.

The editors of the transcript made paragraphing and grammar decisions based on Steinem and Pitman Hughes’ style and speech organization. The editors separated the text into paragraphs. Most vocal stutters or repetition of words were preserved in this copy, except for the use of “um” and “uh” by all speakers. Grammatically incorrect statements or phrases have also been preserved.

In certain instances, the vocal segregates were inaudible and thus omitted. The text of this edition has been checked and proofread for accuracy. Paragraph numbers were added in brackets.