A Voice from the Eastern Shore, (5 November 1945) Hyattsville, Maryland

“A Voice From the Eastern Shore” delivered November 5, 1945, Watson, Marie (dates of birth and death are unknown).

Watson, Marie. Georgia K. Benjamin Papers, “Speeches and Papers on Family Planning, 1941-1953,” Special Collections, Box 1, Folder 3, University of Maryland Libraries, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. (=A).

The text of Marie Watson’s 1945 speech (=A) was found in the Georgia K. Benjamin Papers at Hornbake Library Special Collections, part of the University of Maryland Libraries at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland. Georgia K. Benjamin reported Watson’s speech from the annual meeting of Prince George’s League for Planned Parenthood in Hyattsville, Maryland. The transcript of “A Voice From the Eastern Shore” was located in Box 1, Folder 3. The file was entitled, “Speeches and Papers on Family Planning, 1941-1953,” in the Benjamin Papers. There are no audio or video recordings, but the typed transcript—and the only known copy—of Watson’s speech is preserved in the Hornbake Special Collections. This speech transcript is the only document pertaining to Mrs. Marie Watson in Benjamin’s papers.

The text presented here has been transcribed from Box 1, Folder 3 in Benjamin’s papers. The following typographical errors were corrected to ensure the clarity of the speech content. Paragraph numbers were added in brackets. Numbers correspond to the speech paragraph in which the errors occurred:
9: “snf” became “and”
12: “Dento” became “Denton”
14: “a way” became “away”

The transcript has been proofread for accuracy.